Thai Massage Workshop: Winter Park, Nov. 6th

Thai Yoga Massage for Partners, Friday, November 6, 6:30-8:30 pm $25/$20 by Nov. 1, min. 6 people To register, call 970.726.5786 Nicknamed “lazy yoga,” Thai Yoga Massage allows you to relax while someone else eases you through yoga-like stretches combined with acupressure. The stretching will leave you moving freely and the acupressure will release muscle […]


Vitamin D: Do Coloradans Get Enough?

When a friend mentioned taking vitamin D supplements, I scoffed. Everyone knows that a little sun exposure is enough for our bodies produce enough vitamin D, right? Although Colorado isn’t ranked in the top five sunniest states, we still get a lot of sun. Since I am an outdoor-loving Coloradan, I never worried about getting […]

- Thai Massage

What is Thai Massage?

The first time you heard the phrase, “Thai Massage,” what came to mind? Most of us hear the word “massage” and picture hands kneading your muscles. During my first Thai massage, I was surprised to learn that I would remain fully clothed, rest on a floor mat, and relax while the practitioner moved my body […]


Injury Rehabilitation and Pain Relief

Turner Massage Therapy specializes in injury recovery and pain relief. Whether you are dealing with an old injury or a new ache, we will help decrease pain and increase comfort and mobility in your daily life. To Schedule, Contact: Kristin Turner, CMT Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist Tel: 970-691-8668 Email: kristin@ _______________________________ Articles below organized […]