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Chair Massage


There is a revolution taking place in the massage world. In the past, people thought that a massage required an appointment lasting at least one hour. The cost and time commitment was enough to limit many people to only receiving massage work once an month, once a year, or even once a lifetime!

Luckily, the tides have turned and many people are now enjoying benefits of massage once or twice a week. And they are not spending much time or money doing it. The solution: chair massage.

Chair massages usually last from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the client’s needs. He or she remains fully clothed and sits in a specially designed massage chair that comfortably supports the entire body including the head and arms. Similarly, the massage therapist may provide the option of a mat on the floor to perform clothed massage and stretches.

The benefits of workplace chair massage often include:
– reduced bodily stress and tension
– increase in energy and mood for the remainder of the day
– decreased pain allowing for a more focused and positive work environment
– increased immune function resulting in fewer sick days
– better movement in joints and muscles resulting in fewer injuries and fewer sick days

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