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How Skiers Can Prevent Knee Injuries

Female skiers are four to six times more likely than men to damage the main ligaments in their knees, mostly due to skeletal and muscle mechanics. Fortunately, some preventative steps can be taken to avoid injury and often, surgery. Pro-skier Michelle Parker describes the exercises that she underwent during extensive physical therapy after her knee surgery.

Check out my photos of different exercises that I used after surgery—they’re also very helpful in prevention. It’s important to work on balancing your skier thighs out with lots of hamstring and V.M.O. (the muscle that runs on the inside of the quad) exercises. Those two muscle groups are important if you don’t want to injure your knee.

“The photos include bridges which target your hamstrings and can be done on an exercise ball or a pilates reformer or just a low box or chair, dead lifts with a 15 pound weight again targeting your hamstrings, T.K.E.s on a pressurized Kieser machine or an exercise rubber band for the V.M.O. muscle, and the infamous butt box that targets none other than your butt and is performed on the pilates reformer. There is also a photo of the foam roller. The foam roller is a tool that helps you give your muscles a deep tissue massage. It also targets your I.T. bands. The foam roller isn’t super fun (it’s actually painful, especially if you’re tight), but it helps loosen up your body. I travel with it everywhere I go to keep up regular muscular maintenance.”

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